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The American Revolution. Frances H. Thomas P. New York in the Revolution, Illustrated. Eugene Lawrence. Three To Ride. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. All Americans are accustomed to view with interest and admiration the events of the Revolution. Its scenes are vivid in their memory, and its prominent actors are regarded with the deepest veneration.

But while the leading spirits are thus honored, attention should be directed to the source whence their power was derived—to the sentiment pervading the mass of the people. T All Americans are accustomed to view with interest and admiration the events of the Revolution. The force of this sentiment, working in the public heart, cannot be measured; because, amidst the abundance of materials for the history of action, there is little for that of the feeling of those times.

And, as years pass on, the investigation becomes more and more difficult. Yet it is both interesting and important to trace its operation. It gave statesmen their influence, and armed heroes for victory. What could they have done but for the home-sentiment to which they appealed, and which sustained them in the hour of trial and success?

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They were thus aided to the eminence they gained through toils and perils. Others may claim a share in the merit, if not the fame, of their illustrious deeds. The unfading laurels that wreathe their brows had their root in the hearts of the people, and were nourished with their life-blood. The feeling which wrought thus powerfully in the community depended, in great part; upon the women.

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It is always thus in times of popular excitement. Who can estimate, moreover, the controlling influence of early culture! During the years of the progress of British encroachment and colonial discontent, when the sagacious politician could discern the portentous shadow of events yet far distant, there was time for the nurture, in the domestic sanctuary, of that love of civil liberty, which afterwards kindled into a flame, and shed light on the world.

The talk of matrons, in American homes, was of the people's wrongs, and the tyranny that oppressed them, till the sons who had grown to manhood, with strengthened aspirations towards a better state of things, and views enlarged to comprehend their invaded rights, stood up prepared to defend them to the utmost. Patriotic mothers nursed the infancy of freedom.

Their counsels and their prayers mingled with the deliberations that resulted in a nation's assertion of its independence. USD Buy Online, Pick up in Store is currently unavailable, but this item may be available for in-store purchase.

Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview The second of two volumes recounting the contribution made by female patriots from every colony and all ranks of society at the time of the American Revolution. First published in and reprinted from the edition of Product Details.

American Revolution

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