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Baudelle G. Berdoulay V.

Je suis née dans une île (- SDE) (French Edition)

Bonnefont J. Broc N. Brunschwig H. Caplat G. Clerc P. Clout H. Cohen W. Condette J. Coquery-Vidrovitch C. Darmon J.

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Deprest F. Savoirs universitaires en situation coloniale , Paris, Belin. Drapeyron L. XV, Dubois M. Colin, ", AG , t. Dogmes et faits , Paris, Plon. Dumoulin O.

Je vis depuis trente ans isolé au milieu de l'Atlantique Sud et je suis parfaitement épanoui

Dussaud R. Ferretti F. Foncin P. Gallois L. Gautier E. Ginsburger N. Girardet R. Gran-Aymerich E. Hartog F. Hottin C. Houte A. Joly G. Karady V. Kraentzel F. Lacour-Gayet G. Lavisse E. Le Goff A. Service des missions.

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Leduc J. Lejeune D. Livet G. Manceron G. Nordman D. Perret R.

Marcel Dubois", Le Correspondant , 10 novembre, Pfister C. Robic M. Sanguin A. Others used it in combination with pictures of the deceased. The Je suis Charlie slogan and translations were used on placards and mobile phone displays at vigils and demonstrations in many cities in France, [41] [42] [43] [44] Europe, [45] [46] [47] [48] [49] [50] [51] [52] [53] [54] North America, [46] [55] [56] South America, [46] [57] Oceania [58] [59] [60] and some Asian cities. The Je suis Charlie slogan showed up all over the world in street art and graffiti, especially in Paris, as a tribute to victims of the terrorist attacks.

On United States television programs, there were several notable uses of the slogan. The 72nd Golden Globe Awards show, held 11 January in Beverly Hills, was the first major entertainment event to take place after the killings. Prior to the awards show, film producer Harvey Weinstein penned a lengthy open letter to Hollywood in Variety about the attacks and the importance of free speech, writing that he hoped there would be displays of "solidarity" at the awards, before ending his letter with "Je suis Charlie, je suis juif, je suis Ahmed.

Macy , wore Je Suis Charlie on pins affixed to their clothes or handbags, held signs with the slogan or used the phrase in red carpet interviews. DeMille Award , George Clooney wore a Je suis Charlie pin on his lapel and said, "Millions of people — not just in Paris but around the world, Christians and Jews and Muslims, leaders of countries all over the world — they didn't march in protest, they marched in support of the idea that we will not walk in fear.

We won't do it. So Je suis Charlie. An exhibition titled "Je suis Charlie" honoring free expression was held in Drammen Theater on 27 February The exhibition which was arranged by the Universal Tolerance Organization featured religious and political cartoons from 40 countries.

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Due to security concerns there were no cartoons of Mohammed and the exhibition only stayed open for six hours with heavily armed police present. The day after the attack, Jean-Pierre Tallieu, mayor of the city of La Tremblade , in the suburb of Royan , Charente-Maritime, named a public square "Je suis Charlie Place" to perpetuate the memory of the victims. A temporary plaque was inaugurated on 10 January [99] and will be permanently replaced once the paperwork is completed to register the new name.

Several developers produced applications for smartphones. On Android, apps appeared to display the various versions of the "Je suis Charlie" slogan. Installing the free app and giving it access to the phone's location adds a dot on a map alongside other supporters. While new iOS apps typically take at least a week to be vetted, the agency e-mailed Apple CEO Tim Cook and the app was approved in one hour after the shootings. Within days of the attack, merchandise featuring Je suis Charlie was available for sale around the world.

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This led to critical questioning of whether businesses were profiting off the tragedy or simply responding to market demand. The auction company announced it would donate fees earned from Je suis Charlie -related sales in France. On 8 January, French mail order company 3 Suisses drew criticism for appropriating the slogan for social media self-promotion after tweeting an image with the words "Je Suisses Charlie. The domain name jesuischarlie. A trademark application for the combination of words "Je suis Charlie" was filed at the Benelux Trademark Office on 8 January in the evening hours by Yanick Uytterhaegen of Brussels, who claims he wants to use the trademark to raise money for Charlie Hebdo.

After the Baga Massacre the hashtag Jesuisnigeria was used to express support for Nigeria as well as point out the lack of media coverage of the event compared to the Charlie Hebdo shooting.

Following the flogging of Saudi blogger Raif Badawi for the crimes of "insulting Islam", the hastag Jesuisraif trended on Twitter. The hashtag jesuisahmed "I am Ahmed" was used to express solidarity with Ahmed Merabet , a Muslim police officer whose murder in the street by the attackers was captured on video. After the siege at the kosher Hypercacher supermarket in Vincennes on 9 January, the Je suis Hypercacher slogan was launched on an eponymous website after four hostages were shot dead. Following an attack on a bus on 13 January that killed 12 people near Volnovakha , eastern Ukraine, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko posted an image on Facebook of a bullet-riddled bus above the caption Je Suis Volnovakha.

Roger Cukierman , president of CRIF , a Jewish umbrella organisation in France, spoke against supporters of the Charlie Hebdo attackers who were using the hashtag " IamKouachi" on social media, which he called "an apology for murder. On 16 January , protests against the continued creation of cartoons depicting Muhammad turned violent in several countries, including Algeria , Nigeria and Pakistan. In response to the apparent murder of prosecutor Alberto Nisman in Argentina in January protesters used " Yo soy Nisman" and "Je suis Nisman" as slogans, while in response to the assassination of Russian politician Boris Nemtsov in February , placards saying "Je suis Boris Nemtsov" were held up during the protest march in Moscow.

After the 13 November Paris attacks , the slogan and layout was adopted and widely reused as " Je suis Paris ". The hashtag JeSuisDaphne was used on the Maltese social media following the murder of the journalist and blogger Daphne Caruana Galizia in October Messages reading "Je suis Strasbourg" were left at makeshift shrines following the Strasbourg attack. Charlie Hebdo staff hastily created a PDF of seven translations of Je suis Charlie which they made available on their website shortly after it returned to service.

The pages appear to be scans of laser printed output, and are in a variety of fonts.